BlackBerry Device Service 6.2 Maintenance Release 1
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    BlackBerry Device Service 6.2 Maintenance Release 1

    door Stijn Belmans » 02 apr 2013, 13:36

    Op 28 maart heeft Blackberry een nieuwe maintenance release uitgebracht: BlackBerry Device Service 6.2 Maintenance Release 1

    Deze zou onderstaande problemen moeten verhelpen:

    If you changed the SRP information, the devices activated with that BlackBerry Device Service no longer worked. (DT
    6893007, 6867792)

    If you chose to reconcile IT policies using the "Apply one IT policy to a user account" method, IT policies were not
    reconciled. (DT 6867141)

    If there were database timeouts, connections from the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service to the device were impacted.
    This resulted in the device not sending email messages. (DT 6777138)

    If you moved a user to another server, the BlackBerry Dispatcher still listed the old SRP information in its log files. (DT

    BlackBerry Management Studio couldn't override the default Microsoft Active Directory settings that you specified in the
    email profiles. (DT 6771852)

    In an environment with two or more BlackBerry Device Service servers, when you sent an MDS push message from a
    BlackBerry Device Service that did not include the user, the message failed to redirect. (DT 6767566)

    Logging for BlackBerry MDS Connection Service was improved to provide more details if a database timeout occurs. (DT

    If you stopped the BlackBerry Dispatcher, and a process did not shut down properly, and then you restarted the BlackBerry
    Dispatcher, the BIPPe_Controller thread could not bind. This issue resulted in BlackBerry MDS Connection Service not
    being able to connect to the BlackBerry Dispatcher and devices could not send email messages. (DT 6689442)

    If you attempted to activate a BlackBerry 10 device using a connection to BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager, the console
    might immediately report that the device was successfully activated, even though it wasn’t. (DT 6672070)

    If you had 5000 or more user accounts in your BlackBerry Device Service domain, you could not log in to BlackBerry
    Management Studio. (DT 6665895)

    The BlackBerry Device Service Configuration Tool placed the keystore password in the wrong location. (DT 6621709)
    In some circumstances, if the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler server stopped working and service transfered to another IBM
    Lotus Notes Traveler server, the BlackBerry device did not receive email messages. (DT 6494957)
    Maintenance Release Notes Fixed issues
    5Some BlackBerry Device Service allowed weak cipher suites that should have been excluded on certain SSL encrypted
    connections. (DT 6452551)

    The BlackBerry Administration Service did not include role permissions that allowed a custom BlackBerry Administration
    Service role to view the Organization administration section. (DT 6448051)
    If you installed a second BlackBerry Administration Service instance while the first one was reconciling group
    memberships, you could not log in to the second BlackBerry Administration Service instance after installation completed.
    (DT 6273629)

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